【English below!】

22人前の野菜などのカットや、料理、パッキングに写真撮影、さらにはデリバリーまで、関わってくださった皆さん、本当にありがとうございました! 🙏😌




❗️❗️❗️…🎙️🔊ひとつ皆さんにご報告があります。世界の朝ごはんのレシピをまとめた書籍がついに完成しました 📖 🥳🎊✨現在、横浜の超素敵な印刷会社、大川印刷様で1000冊印刷中で、今月末には製本されたレシピ本が手元に届きます!!詳細は追ってご共有しますね😉

ということで、次の世界の朝ごはんは(7月12日)はインド🇮🇳の「ポハ」を準備し、さらにレシピ本の完成記念特別版にてお届けしようと思っています!📚 このレシピ本の完成には、皆さんの応援があってこそこぎつけることができたと思っています。本当にありがとうございます。12日は、皆さんとお会いしてお祝いできることをとっても楽しみにしています!CASACOで実際に開催するかオンライン開催か(はたまた両方開催か)は追ってご連絡します✨🎊🙌

Yesterday we had our 2nd 🌏World Breakfast Delivery+Online event! In this opportunity we prepared the traditional breakfast from Thailand🇹🇭! It was so tasty!! What a great and healthy way to start the day!!✨🥬🌶️🍚🐟🥕🌰😋

Once more, we had our wonderful helpers, chopping, cooking, packing, photographing and delivering! Thank you all, very much! 🙏😌

At 9 we began our online chat!💻🙋🙋‍♂️

It was so much fun! Plus, we learnt a lot about Thai’s culture, thanks to our friends Kaiou, originally from Thailand and Okui who has had a long time experience in the country! It was a very sweet and interactive session 🙌 everyone smiled and seemed to have good time 😃We keep exploring new ways, learning and improving so our events are better every time! Thanks again for your support!✨

❗️❗️❗️…🎙️🔊We would like to announce that our World Breakfast recipe book 📖 is done!!! 🥳🎊✨ 1,000 copies will be ready by the end of this month!!! Soon you’ll be able to get yours! We’ll give you more details later on 😉

So, at our next World Breakfast event- India🇮🇳 (July 12th ) we would like to celebrate with all of you the release of our book!! 📚 We feel very proud of this achievement, it wouldn’t have been possible without your support! Hope you can all join! We’ll let you know soon if it’ll be in Casaco or online✨🎊